Saturday, March 5, 2016

Quick Update?

So I'm halfway through my second semester of law school. AND I live in New Jersey. Yikes. As a midterm de-stresser, I was browsing through Kickstarter for neat projects to support. I'm really into webcomics right now, so I backed a couple of those. The one I'm really excited about is MAGNETIPS.

I love pens. Like a lot. I use colored pens all the time for school and note-taking. I try to keep everything as color-coordinated as I can to stay organized. It doesn't always work, but whatever. I found these pens. I'm really excited to get mine in the fall. They're refill-able, they look cool, and they're magnetic! (What!) So pumped. The only meh thing is that Kickstarter rewards, especially for manufactured things, only ship once the things are done being made. Which only happens once they get all the pledges. Whatever. I'm happy.