Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Weekend, and I couldn't care less.

Well, it’s Oscar Weekend, and I don’t care.  I’ll be writing and reading instead of watching the award show.  I just finished watching Inception, and I’m a little confused.  It was a good movie, though.  I won’t get into a recap, but I would definitely watch it again.  The plot does need a second viewing just to get everything to make sense, but it is worth a third or fourth. 
            I was planning on doing outside things this weekend like walking the dogs through the woods, but the snow put the kibosh on those plans.  I like snow, and it was gorgeous outside, but it was cold as hell.  I’m ready for winter to be over, but we apparently have another 2 weeks or so of the cold and white.  At least the groundhog didn’t see his shadow this year, or winter would last until April.  I’m sure it will anyway, since, hey, it’s Minnesota we’re talking about here. 
            The weekend with no roommates has been wonderful, even if my mom has been anxious to get me to do something with her.  I’ve been busy enjoying my solitude and the ability to sit down without someone asking me if I’ve had enough to eat or if I would like some roast beef.  I love my grandma, but she is a little overbearing sometimes.  I couldn’t ask for a better grandmother or roommate.  Grandpa has even taken to asking me if I’ve eaten yet.  Apparently lunch needs to be precisely at 12:30, which is when I usually wander upstairs after finally showering for the day.  Gotta love ‘em, though.  I don’t know what I’d do without them.  

Obviously this is an older picture of them, but it captures their relationship perfectly.  Grandpa is a goofball and grandma just shakes her head and occasionally adds an “Oh, Austin” for good measure.  I’m kinda missing them already.  Just don’t let them know.
Until next time,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The end of winter. I hope.

            I’m home alone for two weeks, and it’s late winter in Minnesota.  The grandparents (roommates) are in Texas on vacation until the snow melts, so I’m supposed to be responsible for myself for the duration.  I can do this.  I was alone all summer, and I even did my own grocery shopping.  I’m still at a loss as to who I’m going to talk to during breakfast.  I did decide this morning, as I was sleepily driving them to the shuttle pickup spot, that waking up early has its merits.  Actually having time to do everything before I go to work is nice.  It’s not even 9:00 and I have already eaten once, checked and replied to necessary emails, talked to my mom, and started this blog.  I should do this more often. 
            In other news, I ordered a Nikon D3100 yesterday.  It should arrive on Monday, and I’m planning a make-out-with-new-camera session for next week.  I’m kind of excited to teach myself how to take real pictures with the D-SLR instead of the college-girl pictures of me and my friends at the bar, at a party, in our house, wherever.  They got rather repetitive and increasingly difficult to take without only taking a picture of foreheads and the walls behind us.  I just hope the snow is still here next weekend.  Pictures of mud and winter trees are rather depressing this late in the season.  Luckily, I can usually count on one snowfall in March.  I’ll post pictures as soon as I start taking them.
 We adopted this dog one year ago.  She’s only about 5 months old in this picture, but she still looks about the same now.  Just bigger.  She recently learned how to get out of her locked dog house thing, which she does whenever we leave the house.  She has taken to chewing anything at nose height or lower, including couches, Legos, puzzles, pillows, and screwdrivers.  So adorable and annoying in one bundle of brindle.  She looks so unassuming, but there’s a hidden menace in there.  I don’t care, though.  We cuddle a lot.  I’ll keep you posted on the early rising thing.