Monday, August 22, 2011

My adventures with mountain goats

Mountain goats are funny animals.  I met two of them on my hike in Glacier National Park, and they were one of the best parts of my trip.  The goats in Glacier are not very skittish.  They use the paths just like everyone hiking, and they don't care if silly humans are there or not.  They just ignore everything.  

Until you get in front of them with a camera.  This one was chewing on something, not yelling at me for getting in his face.  

He was a bit of a ham.  He really liked having his picture taken, and I was the stupid tourist with a camera who ate it up.

Seriously.  They are the weirdest creatures.  I love the underbite.

And the smirk.  Next time when the ranger says, "Careful, there are mountain goats on the path," I know to be ready with the telephoto lens and watch for slow moving hikers.  This guy caused a bit of a traffic jam.

A little later on the hike (4 miles after the first goat), I met up with his girlfriend, who was eating her dinner.

She was shedding a lot, and it looked like someone sheared her but stopped halfway down her back.  

She clearly cares a lot about how she looks.  I think she just wanted the tasty grass I was standing on.  Silly goat.

Aside from the goats, the hike was amazing.  I have more than just animal pictures, so I'll have a few more posts about the hike.  I finally got my photo editor to work again, so I should be back to a more regular schedule.  I even have the rest of the week's posts planned already!  I'm such an overachiever.  

Loving Montana more every day,


I thought this picture was hilarious.  You should laugh, too.

Please tell me I'm not the only person who thinks this is witty.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blogswap 2011

Shanoy, from Jamaican Mommies is taking over my blog for the day.

I'll be back to my normal programming later in the week, after I get all of my pictures edited.

When given the task of a blog swap with a very heavy photo content, coupled with the 'summer' theme, I instantly got excited...After all, I live in the Caribbean where summer means sunshine, friends, sea, fun, party, food, exotic locations, out of town treks, relaxation and the like (I'm already excited remembering the fun I had and continue to have this summer)...

In the midst of my fun though, it would be useful to note that as a 20 something mum and wife (who blogs over at, summer fun often has to incorporate the family. So here goes my very own Jamaican mum's view of summer (complete with images) to maintain the essence of the My Life in pictures blog.

Also note, I'm trying to steer clear of the very 'touristy' image one gets of Jamaica from the tourist board ads, to really show some of what I think an 'average Jamaican does for fun in the summer

Also as one who resides in the country's capital and works within the 'new town' of New Kingston, this is one of the many lovely views I'm privy to from the office floor...It certainly comforts during many lunch times when I'd much rather be sprawled on the beach...

Then I'm a lover of the 'country', having spent great deal of my life in a fairly rural area of St. Catherine and being quite appreciative of the fresh air, cooler climate, animal sounds and general sense of calm, we had to make a summer trip out of town...

And what would summer in Jamaica be like without the river or beach??

So here we are on one of the many beach treks made this summer

And to balance it all out, I also journeyed with friends to this river we found along the border of St. Andrew and St. Mary (Castleton Gardens/Ginger River)

Then when we felt just a little bit touristy, we journeyed to one of the island's many All-Inclusive hotels, Iberostar Resort in Montego Bay! In a word Fabulous! Especially if you get the chance to check out the Grande Suite which provides waitered service, fully stocked ...heavenly!

and yet another

Then back to reality, there is a whole lot to do, like just jogging in the Emancipation Park in Kingston with its sometimes controversial statues.

A boat ride over to one of the island's many sub-islands (cays), in this instance, the ever popular Lime-Cay off Kingston's coast proved most appropriate.

Oh and for the super adventurous, a trek to the island's Blue Mountain range is a must...I didn't dare travail this path in the summer, but did do it over the Easter weekend and so I just have to include two of the fabulous scenic shots

You can also check out local offerings such as the Mystic Mountain and Sun Coast Adventure tours which offers skywalking experiences, zipline, bobsled etc.

and with budget considerations, house parties have become a good choice this summer... a few close friends, everyone contributes to food and fun fun fun... It works!

and of course the annual Independence gala is a big to do as we celebrate Jamaica at 49..Oh my this country is starting to get old :-).. so there's a shot of us being all patriotic

and because this post could go on forever, let me just say summer in Jamaica also means cool beverages, lots of food and the like... so after all the hectic stuff and as the day winds down, I enjoy a refreshing summer mix, yum!

Alas, time does not allow me to go on, but it is my hope that you would have gotten a good enough peek at some of the interesting sites that makes for excellent summer fun in my island home...Happy reading as I prepare to watch a local play "Charlie's Angel" , which is guaranteed to provide a belly full of laughter, this following my enjoyable episode last week with the local movie Ghetta Life, now showing in movie theatres here.

Walk good and enjoy!!

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Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm glad I live in the mountains

Alright. Tomorrow I'm going on a little day-trip to Glacier National Park. I'm going on a nice scenic hike and bringing my camera (complete with battery and memory card this time). I should have pictures posted sometime Sunday or Monday. Glacier is apparently one of the only places in the lower 48 where grizzlies are seen. I don't have bear spray, so this should be an adventure. Literally.

I'm so excited for tomorrow. I have several possible hikes lined up, based on whether the road is closed or not due to excessive snow and ice. Yes, it is August. Again, I live in the mountains. The pass just opened a couple of weeks ago, and it has been warm here, so most things should be accessible for me.

I promise to take a lot of pictures and post from the hospital if I have an encounter with a bear or mountain lion. Or moose. I might even try to call my mom from the top of a mountain where I can see into Canada. Things like this make missing Minnesota a little easier to take.